Search Engine Optimisation

Monthly service – best results 6 months minimum

Keyword Research

Hundreds of keywords researched to find achievable phrase(s).

Page Tests

Website checked for broken links, checked for speed and checked for duplicate content.

Unique Articles

High-quality unique article(s) containing links written by our copywriters.

Competition analysis

Hundreds of keywords checked against the top 20 competitors in Google and a report generated.

Tools Setup

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools setup.

Articles Submitted

Articles submitted to niche related blogs and industry based websites.

Backlink Analysis

Existing backlinks to the site analysed and cleaned up if necessary.

Local Citations

Local business citations created to enhance maps listings.

Links Published

Published links are checked for relevancy and power.

On-page Optimization

Website content analysed and optimization changes documented for client.

Social Signals

Social signals count improved (Google 1s/Twitter shares/Facebook Likes/Facebook shares).

Keyword Tracker

Keyword Tracking via customer Control Panel.