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Brace Media has won quality standards approval, awards, and certifications for our services including 3D animation and motion graphics, and Dolby Lab licenses for audio encoding.

In almost 15 years of business we have earned a reputation for innovation, and stay ahead in the online age by offering bespoke and off-the-shelf tools to strengthen your brand.


We have developed a range of payment options to ensure affordability, to manage your spend, and maximise reach.

We offer packages, installment plans and monthly payments to suit all budgets.

We will create a unique proposal customised to your needs, or you can sign up online for our specific services.

Where possible, we try to offer up to 3 options for clients to manage their costs

01 Depending on the service, pay 100% all up front, or in staged payments. This is typically 50% to commence and 50% payable upon completion.

02 If the price seems unmanageable for a single hit, we offer a 3 month installment plan. Pay by Card and manage your spend.

03 Still too much? Where possible, we will do the work for a small up-front setup fee, and then 24 small monthly payments thereafter.

For other monthly services, we may offer discounts on 12 and even 24 month contracts.