Direct traffic from your target audience.
Create engagement with your content.

You have creative content.
Now target your audience, engage your prospects, interact with your customers and drive traffic to your site; or straight into the hands of your business.


We offer simple preset and bespoke social media marketing solutions that allow you scalability, growth and advantage over your competition. Our specialized SMM professionals wrangle the power of the key social spaces to:

  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Build conversion of customers
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Create brand identity and positive association
  • Improve communication and interaction with your key audiences.

We don’t just post and share ‘stuff’. We strategically create original or source content and actively repost to generate a real buzz.

Social Media Packages

We will optimize your search engine positioning and get you to the top of Google organically. A strategic, non aggressive, time-lined process that works with the constantly changing algorithms of the most popular search engines.

Don’t just keep up with the crowd, jump ahead, and stay on top.

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Generate instant relevant traffic for your site by data driven advertising.  Pay-Per-Click is more science than art, and provides measurable results for a price.  Our search engine marketing team will create and message your ads, target your trending keywords, identify demographics, optimize your campaign, and manage your monthly spend.

Be very visible with Google, Google AdWords, Facebook advertising and YouTube advertising.

Ads Management Packages

We will distribute your Press Release to 1,400+ recognized real media outlets and reach even more high authority media outlets than services like PRWeb. This means your Press Release is going to be found in more places, by even more people, grabbing more attention than ever before… We Get You Heard!

Leverage the traffic from having your News story high in Google ranking positions and build powerful backlinks in doing so.

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Comercial print

We partner with a network of professional printers to ensure the highest finished quality for the best price.  So we can source the best solution for all your commercial printing needs:  whether you already have graphics prepared, or if we have created custom designs for you.

We have delivered the full range of commercial printing services: from full colour to special ink and pantone; pop-up stands to large scale prints; unique business cards to multi-page brochures.

No job too big, no fee too small.  Our preferred rates means we can deliver it all.

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CD/DVD/BLU-RAY Duplication & Replication

Deliver the best professional impression for your creative and company with bespoke, retail grade branded discs.

There is no excuse for sticky labels or sub-standard media.
Brace Media specialize in providing the right discs, at the highest quality, within budget, and on time.


We duplicate discs in-house for small runs of 50 to 500 discs.
We use only first-rate media backed by brand names we have learned to trust.


We replicate discs for larger runs (typically 500+) using our manufacturing partners around the World, with plants who guarantee their quality to ensure your CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays work flawlessly every time.

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Join the digital revolution and choose a more modern method to distribute your media on branded memory sticks.

We use only the highest quality Intel® Flash memory chips with capacities ranging from 128MB to 128GB. Your choice of a range of styles covers every budget and need.

Data pre-loaded sticks are handy to have in your pocket, and convenient for your clients to use.
Branded blank memory sticks are perfect as corporate giveaways.

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We provide four methods of print on disc that are suitable for every scope of project.

  • Inkjet:

    High quality print of full colour images for small run quantities of 50 – 500.

  • Thermal:

    Best quality print for full colour images with a protective gloss lacquer that is suitable like inkjet for small run quantities.  Higher price, better quality.  Quick to produce.

  • Silkscreen:

    Prime retail-grade print with special ink Pantone colour options.  Perfect for large runs of 200 to millions of units.

  • Offset Litho:

    Second retail-grade level of print that is perfect for full colour images without the Pantone effect, 200 to millions of discs.

Print Hints:

  • Slower print times means savings.
  • Urgency incurs a premium.
  • Greater print quantities reduces unit costs
  • DVDs have higher data capacity so cost more than CDs.
  • Blu-rays have the highest data capacity, and so cost more than DVDs.

Minimum order:

  • Discs and packaging  = 50 units.
  • Printed inserts  = 50 units.

Our service guarantee:

  • We only use the highest quality inks and processes.
  • We print on the surface of the disc, not on a label.
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