Parkdean – CD & DVD Replication

Parkdean Holidays were in need of some more media to restock with. They already had a pack created, consisting of a double disc pack with a CD and bonus DVD, printed inserts and booklet.  We took these to sort their CD and DVD replication, fulfilling everything and shipping out to [...]

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The Twang – CD Replication

The successful Birmingham band, The Twang, returned to Brace Media again for the CD replication of their next album, titled We’re a Crowd. The CD was needed urgently, so we replicated the CDs, packed them into printed card wallets, and shrinkwrapped them, before delivering the discs to them on the [...]

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Personal Strengths – CD-ROM update

The guys at Personal Strengths deliver their training material to clients on CDs, which works very well for them.  However, in case their clients mislay their special discs, Personal Strengths figured it would be great to have a way to get the disc content copied from the CD to the [...]

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Audio CD for Rochesters

One of our old contacts, Rochesters Accountants were doing their usual good service of giving their clients more, so in addition to their regular printed free newsletters, they wanted to give away some audio CDs. […]

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