CBRE – Motion Graphics

The video production guys over at ST16 in Staffordshire had won a job for CBRE, for a lengthy motion graphics project. They required some assistance with producing it, assisting their junior in-house guy, especially with the gruelling timeline. […]

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The Gadget Show – 5.1 Encoding

We had an interesting little project come in recently, where the Gadget Show was putting together one of their show’s piece on 5.1 surround sound from DVD.  To do this they filmed a sports car doing donuts and other rubber-burning antics around the camera. […]

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Thomas Vale – Corporate Video

Thomas Vale, the large construction company, were looking to have a corporate video done in Birmingham.  They hooked up with one of our partners, Infinite Wisdom, who took responsibility for filming for their video on this project. […]

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Humza Foods – TV Commercial

Humza Foods were in need of a bit of additional awareness from potential customers, so they got themselves ready with airtime on an Asian TV channel.  However, they also needed the TV commercial to be created too. […]

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