3 Wheels North was the brainchild of Oliver Gallant, a radio DJ with a passion for old motorcycles.

For some crazy reason, he thought it was a genius plan to drive over to Siberia where replicas of some Russian WW2 motorcycles are built, take one of these bikes with side car, and ride it up to the Arctic circle.  Not only that, he thought this worthiness of this crazy plan was doubled by dragging his girlfriend along!

As part of this pet project, he wanted a simple website where he could keep a log of where he’d been for his radio and online followers, what he was experiencing, and what it looked like.

That’s where we came in.  We got his site up and running just as he was setting off on his trip, setting it up for video entries and more, and offered very quick over-the-net training as to how to get his news up online while on the road.

His trip was a great success, and his website served its purpose perfectly.81__650x600_3wheels