Yep, Brace have beaten yet another long-term goal of theirs!

Not content with getting their work on national television (with 1.5 million viwers) before they’d even finished getting the company incorporated (3 years ahead of that particular goal), the boys at Brace recently completed a project which will be shown in cinemas soon in 2008!

The job, completed in November 2007, means that Dom and Paul’s goal of getting work into cinema within 10 years of starting the company has been utterly obliterated – by a 7 year margin!

The anti-drink drive project, which came from video company ST16, had already been graded once (see other blog posts) and exported by our team for use initally on youtube, and was highly rated there too. All the filming was done in High Definition, so it was pretty close to the resolution required for film.

We played with the colours a bit more, and made all the text as sharp as possible, before we exported the whole thing, ready to go to film.


Below are some frames from the piece in HD:

LPRS HD (0-00-05-11)

LPRS HD (0-01-04-06)

LPRS HD (0-01-21-22)

LPRS HD (0-01-26-00)

For those people in the Lancashire area, we hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed working on it!

And in the video below, you can see the Before and After of what we were given and what we did: