The Gents at Sound and Picture House were commissioned by advertising agency M3 Communications to create the live action TV commercial for the West Midlands Safari Park earlier this year.

Led by M3’s art director, the project was planned and shot. During the planning stages, our team were involved in checking over 3D requirements for the armour plating for the rhinos – the park’s newest attractions.

While the commercial was being edited, we were busy creating and animation the armour, tweaking the materials to give the metal the right look. We then provided the final images that were produced back to Sound and Picture House, ready for them to drop into to place over the live action sequences of the rhinos.

This all worked out to be a smooth process, and the project finished up looking rather nice and shiny.


The commercial has been on air on ITV1 since Good Friday, and so far as we know, has been getting a great response.

We look forward to working with Sound and Picture House again soon!