Wow, what a busy few weeks.

The best part of April was spent planning schedules, planning processes, and working with people to ensure we could get our latest project for Birmingham School of Acting completed on time.

The school, as is usual for them, had been working on their latest film project for their graduates. Rather than just send out students with a fancy bit of paper stating their course grade, BSA actually back this all up by getting their acting graduates to act, in front of a camera! Having been professionally filmed, these scenes are distributed on DVD to various acting agencies and such like.

Once again, the BAFTA award winner, Michael B. Clifford, was responsible to choosing the films, casting and directing the scenes. A fair chunk of post-production took place at Second Home Productions, who after their edit work and grading dropped us a hard drive full of finished video.

In the meantime before this, we had been working out how to once again bend the specifications of a DVD, to allow for the amount of content and navigation required to show all 43 actors (up from last year’s 38) individually and together.

Taking designs from Make Brand Studio for the DVD packaging and accompanying booklet, we reworked this in 3D for the menu design to make for some nicely dynamic graphics and transitions.

Once the complex DVD authoring was complete, we set about replicating and printing the complete packages in time for a very tight deadline.

We hope that the graduates like the resulting product as much as the Birmingham School of Acting staff.