Braulio Estima.

The Brazilian who has won several World Titles in the World of Jiu-Jitsu.
Not a guy to be sniffed at.

He has an academy in Birmingham, UK (hosted at Stevie B’s Gym) where he teaches students in person in many classes per week – adults and children.

He also has a DVD that people can buy.  This DVD features a whole raft of ground-fighting technique, which Braulio employs to win championships.

He needed some more DVDs to sell, but unfortunately he did not have the original master disc nor artwork files.

Brace were tasked with creating a new master (by merging two different discs in to one single one, keeping all existing menus intact), recreating the artwork for the discs and for the inlays, and then had to get 1,000 copies replicated and delivered to him before he went on a trip to the USA for 2 months giving various lectures and seminars.

Despite the January UK snow cutting off many courier deliveries, we were able to supply the DVD the night before he left!  That had been our promise, and that was what we did.

Last we heard was that the DVDs are selling well in America – he took a load but not all of them with him – and he had to get more shipped from his academy to where he is lecturing.  What more can you ask for?!