Gallery 37 – Crazy 3-in-1 DVD

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Gallery 37 – Crazy 3-in-1 DVD

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What a crazy project this was…!

One of our partner DVD replicators had a job come in where the content part of the brief was to create a new DVD master, from 3 different DVDs.

Not the hardest thing, I hear some of you naughty DVD rippers out there exclaim.

But, this new master DVD not only had to contain not only the content of the original 3 DVDs, but also had to retain all the working motion menus, existing navigation, button links etc.

It also meant that there had to be a new top-level DVD menu which was shown first after starting the disc, so that you could select which of the 3 original DVDs you wanted to watch. Oh, and the user had to be able to get back to this new top-level menu.

Still with me?

Exactly, pretty mad, and some seriously technical DVD authoring to do.
Very hard, but very satisfying once I’d cracked it.

Luckily the client was please with it too. Good news all round then.

Keep well, all.