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Lisa Li-Lund: Bloodface

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We at Brace are oh-so happy to show you the outcome of our grading work, on top of the hard graft put in by Ben, Zac, Billie, David and the rest of the crew of course.

The piece was shot in a mixture of 4K (4096 x 2304 pixels) and 2K (2048 x 1152 pixels) resolutions on the RED ONE.

We then used a mixture of REDcine, After Effects and Premiere Pro for the grading and visual effects. We kept a 16bit per channel colour depth throughout our workflow with delivery as 2K resolution 10bit DPX files. We thought we’d put that in for the geeks out there…. you know who you are!

Here’s the complete piece, enjoy!

Inspired by traditional Greek folklore and mythology, this dark tale follows a jilted woman on her journey through love, betrayal, repentance and retribution.

Directed by Ben Lister
Produced by Victoria Emes
Set Design & Undead Puppets – David Curtis-Ring
Puppet Maker – Billie Achilleos assisted by Ashley Appaya
Scenic Painter – Andy Reid
DOP – Zac Nicholson
1st AC/Focus Puller – Benn Peacock
Gaffer – Chris Rhodes
Puppeteers – Jeremy Bidgood and Billie Achilleos
Runners – Tom Levigne, Oliver Nelson, Chole Sylvestre
antidote productions Ltd

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More soon, keep well all.