Simon Woods, lover of all plays historic, put his heart (and for a while, his life) into creating a feature film of a play from the 1500s, called The Mandrake Root.

The project which was filmed in Sardinia in 2007, on HDCAM, finally was completed in the first half of 2008.

However, Simon, with whom we have worked on a few DVD titles in the past, came to us for the authoring of his DVD which would be used for retail.

Having described our proposal to him of what we would do to give the menus their full context and life, he gave us the go ahead simply saying “I trust you guys – I’m sure it’ll be fine!”.

The disc contained menus leading directly to chapter points, to info about Simon’s company – European Drama Network, and to choose between English or Italian subtitles.

When approving the work that had been done, Simon did comment that the picture quality of the video was so much better than what other people had done for him in other ‘quick’ versions of the film. Well, we don’t use an encoder formerly exclusively licensed to Sony of Japan for nothing…

The completed DVDs are being shipped directly to Sardinia for their launch in early August.

Below is a sample of the main menu, and a clip from the films – used with Simon’s kind permission.

Good luck Simon – hope everybody buys a copy!
Anyway, everybody please visit