We like it a lot when this sort of thing happens….

The ever so nice folk at Matrix People Solutions came back to see us about producing a short animation sequence that outlines their process pipeline in an easy to understand visual way.

Of course, we said yes; how could we not want to do work for this wonderful outfit?

First off, we had to understand their entire workflow. From this, and with a little help from themsleves; we were able to note the things that set Matrix apart from their competitors.

Next, we came up with a simple, yet strong design style through which to deliver the message.

We think it works very well; have a look for yourselves….


The Managing Director of Matrix People Solutions, David Braviner also liked it… which is a good thing really!

Here’s what he said:

“The team … have completed two pieces of work for us so far and on both occasions they have delivered more than expected. Following outline briefings they quickly grasped the concept of what we wanted and the statement we were making, enhanced it with further ideas and considerations and have produced pieces of work that are creative, exciting, engaging, dynamic and that visually translate a complex message very simply and very effectively. They listen, are entirely flexible, easy to work with, accommodating and patient and we will certainly engage them for similar projects in the future. Many thanks.
David Braviner
Managing Director
Matrix People Solutions.”

Now, that’s the sort of thing that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy: happy clients.

More soon, keep well all.