Several weeks ago now, our Director chum Ben Lister came and told us about a music video he had in mind.  It sounded pretty cool we thought, so we let him know we’d like to be involved if we could.  Luckily for us, he took it on board and asked us to do a couple of shots of VFX work.

So they’re in there!  A pretty funked up sequence with an electronic tablet display, and another with a robotic floating security camera in a scene with many electronic lights.

Blink and you’ll miss them!



“Music video for ‘Rock My Hologram’ from Jerusalaam Come , one of iTunes hip hop albums of the year, a Record of the Week in The Independent.

A Mythological journey through time & space.

Directed & Produced by Ben Lister

Art director – David Curtis-Ring
Set designer and costume maker – David Curtis-Ring
Set design assistant – Aaron Tilley

Assistant producer – Jon Randle

Director of Photography – Andrew Johnson

Editor and effects – Ben Lister
2D designer and stop motion animator – David Curtis-Ring
3D – Paul Berner

Camera assistant – Chris Rhodes
Gaffer – Stuart Colburn
Production Assistant – Joel Wilson
Art department assistant-Katerina Pushkin
Runners – Syliva Chan & Kisha Agnew

Stills photographer – Andy Borg
Studio – David Moore Boxxed

Big Thanks to TAK!, Prime Objective, Joel & Apple”