Scolmore International, a global company specialising in electrical and lighting solutions, wanted to create a more visually engaging promotional video with 3D animation for their new Inceptor Evo.

While they previously used 3D animation before, this time they wanted to improve both the action and the render quality of new animations, to take their videos up a level or two.

Their super friendly creative team had ideas about how they wanted to portray these Inceptor Evo lights and their fitting procedures, so they presented us with their storyboards. Now, while we are always happy to see a project from start to finish across the whole pipeline, we are just as happy to play part of a team – as was the case with this project. Scolmore’s creative team in-house are able to create some motion-graphics to tie in with their own print materials, so they only required us to prepare the models for animation from their CAD design files, animate and render these. All our renders were then prepared for Scolmore to received and put together the text, timing, backgrounds, sound, and voiceover.

Their Design Studio Manager reported back to us that Scolmore’s managers, partners and retail outlets are all very happy with the end result of the Inceptor video!

Please watch it below:

Work in progress: