As The 13th Day’s success continues to grow, so does the demand for this film!

Recently, it was asked that the film be transferred to 35mm film for cinema use over in the Philippines! As a country with a large Catholic population, it’s no surprise these people want to see the film.

However, the film master itself is in standard definition, kept on Digibeta tapes.  But, to get the film ready for film transfer, it needed to be converted…. firstly from standard definition to high definition, and then from PAL European TV standards on 25 frames per second, to 35mm’s 24fps.

The good people behind the movie asked us to take care of this process.  We happily did this, exporting the converted film to HDCAM ready for us to ship out to the labs out in the Philippines.

So far as we know, everything has gone smoothly and soon the public there will be able to sit in proper theatres to watch the full film!