A new client contacted us, requiring two different CDs to be replicated ready for retail at places like Amazon.  This nice lady was a violin instructor who also played piano. She had created the CDs as part of an education pack and needed the two different runs to be complete in time for her to use in her book, ready to be sold.

So, we advised her that for retail purposes, it would be best to replicate the CDs from a glass master and print with retail-grade silkscreen print – thus giving the ultimate in quality.  We had about 5 working days to replicate the two runs of CDs, and ship them to her in adhesive wallets to be stuck in to her book.  If we missed her deadline we would have messed up her launch.

With careful planning and keeping a check on couriers too, we met her deadline just fine, and she was delighted to receive the 2 sets of CDs.

We hope her sales go well!