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Project Description

MMA Sports Nutrition is a company creating supplements specifically for muscle growth and fat loss.

MMA wanted to focus on a social media push to get their name out there. They were after a short-term boost for a 6-month Social Media Management campaign, to increase their brand exposure and to gain more followers and Likes. What better way to get going, than to take us up on our Ultimate PR Social Media Management package?!

After we ran them through our Briefing sheet to gather exactly what they wanted to accomplish, who they were competing with and who they wanted to reach out to, our team got cracking across all of their social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Our team worked out a strategy to successfully push the brand name via means of daily motivational pieces, interactions, monthly blog posts,  and began posting updates and messages contests and more.

Followers and interactions were increased. Retweets happened much more frequently!

The team at MMA were happy with the achievements we had made in the time allotted.

Project Details