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Project Description

The 3D animation project was for Saint Gobain, another client of Wyatt International.

The talented guys (and girls) at Wyatt had worked with Saint Gobain to understand the message required in their animation, and created a concept and storyboard for it. Saint Gobain were quickly onboard and at this stage Wyatt asked us at Brace Media to help create the sequence.

The concept revolved around the idea of rotating and spiraling, due to the product name VortX. This is one of Saint Gobain’s draining solutions covering different drain types, shapes, materials and uses with different kinds of connections and pipe.

We worked closely with Wyatt, taking away a box or two of heavy items as reference. Our team had to model these accurately, again using our trusty Lightwave 3D tool. Materials were created here also, and scenes were set up for animation. Once low-resolution renders were signed off,  we moved forward with sound design and final HD rendering simultaneously – rendering performed on our favourite renderfarm to ensure rapid turnaround.

Shortly after that we finished up any last touches and exported various versions for different uses – Youtube, Powerpoint and so on.

The Wyatt team were chuffed with the result for Saint Gobain.

Project Details