Project Description

The Intersoc product range from Legrand was being updated and pushed with a new campaign led by Wyatt International.

Wyatt worked with Legrand to come up with the concept for this animation. The idea was to show how flexible the Intersoc product could be due to its modular design, to allow all sorts of electrical connections to be configured. Once they had the storyboard sorted, they came to us to create the 3D animation.

We took some of the real physical components, a couple of CAD files, and received photo references of the rest. From these, we created the models which could be animated. The scene inside a sort of office environment was built, with mostly outdoor lighting set to fill the room.

The objects and scenes were built in Lightwave 3D once more, with the glorious Octane renderer.

Again, our team provided a bespoke music composition, and sound design to bring the visuals to life.

Once all the low-resolution samples were signed off, and music approved, the piece was rendered at 1080p HD and delivered in time for the product’s promotional launch.

Another successful animation project delivered!