Project Description

Scolmore International returned to us rather quickly after their previous projects with us, for another 3D animation. This animation was to convey the ease of which their special Gridpro light switches and light fittings can be put together, to make the job simpler for teams of construction workers or independent construction men.

Scolmore already had in mind the visual style that they were after, so they gave us quite a clear brief on what this animation to look like. We receive the models from CAD files which we converted for 3D animation and enhanced them, before creating the materials for the renderer.

In this animation, we had to have the lights switches flying in and out the screen, connecting together, connecting with the container light boxes, to try to make this look as exciting as possible and bring them to life using physics and gravity towards the end of the sequence.

The client had chosen some rather fun music which suited this animation well, and it helped tie the piece together. Scolmore handled the text overlays themselves to create the final live version for the public. We thought that the animation looked rather good in the end.