Project Description

It had been a few months since Scolmore International had been in touch regarding any animation works since their last project. But, they came back again in the same year in 2017, to have us help them with their next product launch – their Omni product.

The Omni product is a special type of light and light fitting, which can be fitted into ceilings very quickly compared to competing products. So they wanted the 3D animation to demonstrate this and to demonstrate the features of this light fitting and light bulbs.

Scolmore had again come up with the concept that they wanted, the visual style that they wanted, and had even created storyboards. From here we saw that they wanted us to do, and we understood exactly what was needed. And so we worked as fast as we could to get this animation created for the deadline, for the launch of their product.

We received some models as CAD files once more, and we converted these to Lightwave 3D objects, and created the materials for these 3D models. These were animated moving around the scene, flashing in time to music to the correct tempo, to create the effect of a disco floor. We had to create special techniques to animate these lights flashing, because we didn’t want to animate thousands of lights by hand. So, we had to develop a special technique in order for this to be partially automated.

The result was great – they really enjoyed the animation they came out – and this time with some very cool music in the style of “Daft Punk”.

After we had rendered the animation, using the state of the art renderer Octane, Scolmore took this animation and created the text and graphics overlays, before the animation went live on Youtube and in trade centres.

We were told that the animation was very well received, and it was quickly one of the most popular videos on the Scolmore Youtube video channel.