Project Description

The Birmingham advertising agency, Wyatt International, returned to Brace Media with storyboards for another animation project for their client Elta Group.

Elta were taking part in a trade show in Germany, and required this animation as part of their campaign. We were required to create a 3D animation with a lot of 2D animation combined into it, in a very short space of 10 days. This was a project that would normally required 3 weeks, so our team pulled together, to work through the clock to turn this around as fast as possible.

The project was designed to show the history of Elta, its growth, changes, acquisitions, and products. Not early did we animate the 3D scenes and 2D animations and characters, we also handled the sound design and laying the music in place to deliver a complete animation project.

Ultimately, this was shown at the trade show in Germany expand across a quad panel of HDTVs on a very large stage. We were told it went down very well.