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Project Description

This is an animation project we’re particularly proud of, brought to us by Wyatt International for their client, Legrand.

Wyatt had done a lot of preparation for this project, and had created a concept of trays being fitted together super quickly thanks to Legrand’s new Swiftclip product. They figured a great way to show this would be to have the camera ‘riding’ the cable trays like a rollercoaster, with the track building ahead of the camera. They had storyboarded all of this before they brought us in on the project.

Once they did, and everything was signed off to commence, once again, we turned to our faithful tool, Lightwave 3D. With this we accurately modelled all the components. Animation was done using a mixture of Lightwave and Messiah, combining everything together. Materials, lighting and camera work were all handled inside Lightwave with the photoreal rendering this time being performed by the state-of-the-art GPU renderer, Octane. And what lovely results it gave.

Due to the scope of the project, it warranted not only some nice sound design, but also custom composed music too! Our guys handled this nicely, making the pictures come alive with even more dynamism.

After about 6 weeks work, we finally got everything signed off so we could render at 1080p HD quality. This was used for the launch of the product and from what we hear, it went down very well!

Project Details