Project Description

The, digital scare-deliverers of streaming movies, wanted to push one title particularly.

While they have hundreds on on-demand films available, they took hold of The Woman and wanted to do something really special with it: release a tangible version!

The new from the outset what they wanted. DVD and Blu-ray releases. But this wasn’t our usual project. There was much to do, much to organise, and logistics to handle – all with a tight and specific deadline with a public launch date.

So after receiving huge HD files, artwork and more from the Horror Show, we got cracking careful with super high quality HD and SD encoding for Blu-ray and DVD. Although there was also quite a lot of Extras to go on the discs, it wasn’t too bad – we were creating the content for dual-layer discs for both formats, so BD50 and DVD9 to maximise quality.

We sorted layout and authoring of the menus, again for each of the two required outputs, so HD and SD versions, and their submenus / pop-up menus. Once all the authoring was completed, we shipped physical check discs to The Horror Show to check and approve.

The Blu-rays were the leading product on this occasion. So while we were very pleased to replicate 1,000 DVD9 retail-ready movie packages, the Blu-rays actually had 5,200 discs replicated. These were divided up then between some simpler packages, plus standard Blu-ray retail-discs in blue cases, plus a limited run of steelbook cases that the Horror Show had already produced. With these all manufactured, some advertising inserts printed and fulfilled and everything ready, it was then on to the logistics.

The 1,000 DVDs and 1,000 of the Blu-rays were shipped to a Sony fulfillment centre in the London area, adhering to some strict pallet preparations so that they would be accepted.

Then 4,200 Blu-rays were packed into the steelbooks with some other materials, shrinkwrapped and then 1,300 of these were shipped overnight to Guernsey to arrive at the warehouse for Zavvi, where the main promoted sales push was handled, with the listing still visible here so you can go ahead and buy your copy! The remaining discs were also shipped to Sony and The Horror Show themselves for other distribution.

The Woman was a thoroughly enjoyable project to work on – both the creation of and the production and logistics. We were honoured to be involved in the project. The Horror Show’s main man, David (who isn’t scary) had this to say about teaming with us: “It was a steep learning curve to be sure! But you made it extremely painless.”

Great stuff!