Project Description

Case study interview with Pip Piper of Blue Hippo Media:

Brace Media has worked with Blue Hippo Media on various projects over the years, and a few that stand out in particular are Last shop Standing, Bicycle, and Mountain Biking, where we have been tasked with the DVD authoring and DVD replication. Can you give us a little insight into how these projects came to being (and a small description of each for those who aren’t familiar)?

“Last shop standing” traces the rise, fall and rebirth of UK record shops and vinyl and came out in 2012 , “Bicycle” ( 2014) was the first film to look at the impact and history of the bicycle in Britain and lastly “Mountain biking: the untold british story”  does just that! and came out this August.

As these films acknowledged Brace Media in their credits at the end of the films, clearly you had planned in advance for us to come onboard (yay!!). Some of this is for simple disc authoring, some for more complex and crafted DVD authoring both in PAL and NTSC formats, some for subtitling, and then DVD and Blu-ray duplication and replication (with some very nice packaging on Bicycle specifically), and some Vimeo assistance here and there. Do you find that Brace Media helps to strengthen your story?

Indeed you guys at Brace Media form an essential part of how we deliver the film to our audiences. Whats the point of making a great film if you do not author , encode and package it really well so your audience get to experience it in the best way. Brace help us do that with bells on!

Blue Hippo Media - Bicycle DVD

If you hadn’t worked with us previously, and were looking for assistance with your films, what qualities would you be looking for?

Technical skill, speed of turn around , cost effectiveness , creativity.

Would these be the same reasons you come back to us with future projects, or do you find we offer any other benefits?

Absolutely, and I would add there has never been a job or problem that you have not been able to help us sort out in a timely way including uploading huge files to our sales agent or providing subtitle files etc.

What has the response been to your recent films, at film premieres, online, and to your retail products?

All the films have done really well with many many sold out cinema screenings between them , international sales, and great reviews.

Again, for those who don’t know, can you tell us where these can be seen, bought, or shared?

The films can be seen on a variety of platforms:

“Last Shop Standing” has just been re-bought by Sky Arts so appears regularly on there, plus you can get it on DVD from Proper Music

“Bicycle” can be found here:  and also on Amazon Prime.

“Mountain Biking : The Untold British Story” can be found here: and will be on Amazon Prime very shortly.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer our questions. We wish you continued success with these, and future films, and hope that we may continue to have a place in your project pipeline!