Project Description

A.Hull Electrical were working with communication business HB Comms who were writing content for them in general but also for the website.

HB Comms came with this web design project on behalf of A.Hull Electrical to have a custom built website for A.Hull. So, for this we were required to design a 100% unique design, no templates, completely bespoke design.

We literally created twenty five different designs for the homepage for the client to choose from, all very different, yet containing exactly what they needed for what they had asked of us, and the branding guidelines.

They narrowed down to five designs, and in the end, picked the winning design which was then used and taken further to build a complete website theme, with four inner-page designs as well. This was converted to a WordPress theme, and a site is built to contain all the content was given, all the text and photos.

We had this live in time to go on their new hosting package before their old hosting was terminated, and this meant they were able to launch very quickly with the new site, with a brand new look to match their new branding. They were extremely happy.