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Project Description

Live Wire was a project commissioned by Network Rail. Their advertising agency worked with Big Button in Birmingham to work on the project. We were brought in as the motion graphics specialists.

The Big Button team handled the concept and the filming elements. It was up to us to create the motion graphics.

It was quite a challenge as the timeline was short. We had to re-create the graphics of popular social media platforms in such as way that we could be as close to them as needed without any loss of graphical fidelity. We also had to match move the opening shot for the burst effect from the mobile phone.

The finished piece came together well telling the story of why you shouldn’t play around at rail tracks. You just don’t know when the power is on, or what it can do to you. What was needed was an approach that the young target audience could identify with – something a bit different that was more likely to encourage a change in their behaviour.

Once uploaded to Network Rail’s Youtube channel, it quickly received hits and comments.
The sequence also won two awards: IVCA and EVCOM Clarion.

A job well done then!

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