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Project Description

This was another project that ST16 asked for help on, this time for 3D animation.

They had already worked with Norgren many times and wanted to take this to a higher level than before with 3D. The models and materials needed to looks pretty photoreal, while mixing in hand drawn elements and text styles.

There were several key items that needed demonstrating. The idea was also to not only move around the objects but through them now and then. We had to work out the best way to do this and produce this in the short timeline. There was to be no sound design or music for these animations as they would be talked over by Norgren presenters. The look and feel needed to match Norgren’s branding and their printed promotional materials.

As usual, Lightwave 3D was our tool of choice for photoreal modelling and CAD conversion, and for the animation and rendering too. If memory serves, we were getting render times of about 15 seconds per frame, which is pretty impressive. Even so, due to the deadline, we used our usual quality renderfarm to get all the frames rendered in time in 720p and sorted all the 2D animation elements on top at the same time.

Norgren were pleased with the outcome as it was was their best looking CGI (computer generated imagery) project to date.

Project Details