Project Description

Lily Jones Flowers are a florist in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter – ideally located for all those brides to be!

While Lily Jones had successfully been running a small WordPress site, they wanted to ‘grow up’ with a custom designed site with e-commerce.

After an extensive (and excited) meeting with the 2 owners, it became clear that they were very specific on the visual design they were after. They also had certain requirements for the e-commerce area and what payment gateway needed to be used. After the meeting we gave our proposal to build the new site on Magento, with some customisations.

Once their new e-commerce site was delivered, we also were able to push the SEO factor harder. Since the site’s relaunch, the ranking positions in Google began to rise after a bit of a stagnant period before the launch. Now, at the time of writing, Lily Jones have 12 keywords on page 1 of Google, and 5 of those are in 1st position.

The owners at Lily Jones have told us how much more footfall they are getting to their shop, and are really happy with the result!