Project Description

Their client Legrand wanted a 3D animation that brought to life the photos they had already produced of their cable trays.

In a particular set up, the trays has been arranged in a big array. We had to recreate this set up (seen near the end of the sequence) and then demonstrate the set up being built. This meant careful photoreal accurate modelling of all the components, understanding how they fit together and how they would be connected, and being able to demonstrate the different joins and so on. It was actually pretty interesting! We used our usual pipeline for this, consisting mostly of Lightwave 3D, for modelling, animation and rendering.

On top of this, our team also handled the sound design, and rendering was done on our chosen renderfarm, so we were able to complete the whole thing smoothly and export high quality clips to the client’s specifications.

The project took place over around 3-4 weeks, and was fairly smooth throughout.