Having won the pitch over two other replication companies, Brace was tasked with the replication, print and fulfilment of 10,000 DVDs in printed card wallets.

These discs were of course press from a glass master, and printed with glorious retail-grade ‘offset litho’ print.  To prevent the discs from escaping from the wallets, all 10,000 were supplied with a sticky tab over the open edge.

The majority of the discs were then shipped to a distribution company in Leicester, while a small portion were shipped separately to Coventry Council themselves.

We got good feedback on both the discs and the wallets, and therefore we look forward to working with Coventry Council again for the next time they need some DVD replication!

51__600x600_cov-alcohol-dvd1 52__600x480_cov-alcohol-dvd2