Beware the Microsoft scam

//Beware the Microsoft scam

Beware the Microsoft scam

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We don’t know if you’ve come across this personally, but we’ve heard about it several times – before we finally got targeted ourselves.

Some of our friends had mentioned on Facebook that they had received random calls from ‘Microsoft’ claiming to know that the call recipient was using pirated copies of Windows.  Obviously they had a ‘solution’ to the situation which involved money.  Then even one of our own relatives received such a call on their landline with the same message.  When asked how they knew this, the persona could not give a direct response.

Finally, Paula here received a call actually on her mobile phone.  The conversation went pretty much like this:

Phone rings…
P: “Hello?”
Lady’s voice: “Hello, I’m calling from Microsoft Corporation.”
P: “Oh yes, I have been waiting for your phonecall!”
Lady: “Ok….” (somewhat shocked at the anticipation) “We have reason to believe you have been using an unregistered, illegal copy of Windows Vista.”
(‘hmm’ we thought – we don’t even have VISTA!)
P: “Bear with me one moment…. ”
Lady: “Ok”
(pause, and Paula made clicking-like noises, like she has a recorder and other equipment)
P: “Hello again. Ok well to inform you for the record I am actually Microsoft Corporation official, and we have been following this scam for some time. Please note that this phonecall is now being traced to your location and recorded so anything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law.”
Lady: “er… erm….” (Phone goes dead)

So, if you get a suspicious call, our advice is reverse the trick on them.