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A Garage Education

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No, not the sort where you’re taught about long-division or trigonometry in a petrol station – the sort where sound information about car dealerships is proffered.

An advertising agency in the West Midlands came to us, as a one-stop-shop (sorry, we don’t sell crisps or chewing gum) for their client’s needs.

Their client; Hilton Garage, wanted a TV advert produced, voiced, and also fronted by a teacher type character, complete with motar board and cane – all lovingly animated in 3D.

We at Brace believe that knowledge is King – and a decent education is a good thing, especially if it excludes long-division, trigonometry and petrol stations.

The ad agency came to us with a rough outline for the character, which was refined in 2D to establish the correct style. This was then modelled in 3D from the 2D drawings.

While this was happening, a leading voice artist from the West Midlands was brought in to record the voice – this dialogue track was then used as a guide for the animation.

Our team also worked some pixel-pushing magic in order to create the moving backdrops. We have it on good authority that the teachers cane was a little miffed at not landing more of a leading role.

The completed animation was then put to broadcast tape, and shipped off to ITV for transmission. The advert in all of its beauty, is being run in the Central-East region of ITV from December 27th 2007 to February 2008.