Today, our team successfully delivered the finished product of DVDs to WMG, a company owed by the University of Warwick.

This was a job where, once again, @Warblefly Productions came to us at Brace with some rather nice looking footage (shot in DVCPro50 – for those who care) and asked us to edit together a promotional video.

Initially expected to be an 8 minute video, it quickly grew into a 20 minute corporate video, due to the volume of information and footage within! We spent a lot of time getting the edit just right, and during some of this period, the end client was enjoying the experience of sitting in our studio on sofas viewing the work as it was made on a large HD screen. After this, we then set about giving the film a bit of a Top Gear look through careful colour-correction and grading. The guys at Warblefly expressed how pleased they were with how much more depth and richness the finished footage had compared to the already fairly tastey original source video.

At the same time as the video was being edited, we were also working on the DVD menu and rough authoring in parallel.

Below is the complete video rather than just snippets, if you fancy a watch:

Once everything was approved, we then pressed 2,000 copies of the DVD, with full-colour print, full colour case inlay and full colour 16 page booklet, and shipped them to the client just 7 working days after the master had been approved!