As many of you may realise, Birmingham Council is huge. Like, it’s the most huge city council in all of Europe! So, to get any work done, the Council is split into many different departments. We deal with a few of these departments, and on this occasion it was the Adoption & Fostering department once more.

For this project they have been focussing more on Fostering – they’ve covered Adoption in the past already. With Salt and Pepper Films, they’ve been creating films to demonstrate why people should Adopt and Foster children.

This year’s films had a bit more of a shock factor to them, but by all accounts, this has worked very well for their film.

However, the Council asked us to get involved because they needed two versions of the DVD to be created for internal and external use, with menus that allowed them to access any part of the DVD and films with ease, while also tying in with existing graphics that had been created for the print work such as flyers and billboards.


So, that’s exactly what we did, and our clients at the council have all been very pleased with the authored outcome.

We then had to replicate a few thousand DVDs of this project and a previous one, shipping them to a commercial printer to be attached to a couple of types of printed packs for distribution. Thankfully we made this a very smooth process for them, and the packs are now available to anybody who contacts the Adoption and Fostering department of the City Council.