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TROLLEY 3D Animation & Visual Effects

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How proud are we? Like, this proud! Or maybe even this proud!!?


We are oh so happy to announce the completion of our parts for the TROLLEY project.
For those of you who didn’t know, we were taking care of all of the 3D modelling and animation for one of the Digishorts 2009 films, funded by Screen WM; TROLLEY.

The film was Produced by Rachel Carter, Directed by Anna Shelton, with Phil Wood drafted in as Director of Photography.

In our roles as animators and VFX artists we went the whole nerdy-nine-yards on this brief… turning up on set to take measurements, collecting more reference photographs of the trolleys we would have to model, and we even took our big shiny silver ball with us so we could record the correct lighting information for the 3D scenes we produced. Paul almost had a Dorkgasm noting focal length numbers from the prime lenses attached to the RED ONE, so we could match the camera in our virtual sets. He is easily pleased is our Paul.



Our pipeline (for those of you who may be interested) featured Lightwave 3D, Zbrush, After Effects, Premiere Pro and REDCINE, allowing us to work to the highest quality specs. The project was originated in a mix of 2K and 4K resolution plates.

The film is having its first outing on Tuesday the 3rd November at The Electric Cinema in Birmingham – where all of the cast, crew and us back-room boys have been invited to view our work on the big screen along with the other Digishorts from that particular batch. Awesome stuff!


Anyway, we’ll leave you with some images and vids of the parts that we took care of, and hopefully we’ll be showing you the full final edit sometime shortly after the Premiere.