It was that time of year again, when Birmingham School of Acting get ready to show off their latest graduates.

To do this, they film their students, performing real scenes from existing movies or plays. These are directed by Michael B. Clifford, and then edited into mini films in their own right.

Another company is drafted in to design the DVD inlays, booklet and disc artwork, while we are busy planning out the technical layout of the DVD disc in order to squeeze in all the content that BSA want – finding ways around the limits of the DVD specification.  As we start receiving assets for each student, and the films themselves, we work closely with the design company so we are made aware of this year’s design.

With that in mind we can start planning out the DVD menu designs and how those will work.  For the 2011 DVD we had the time available to do a 3D animated menu again, yet tying in with the 2D graphic design of the DVD printed inlay.

After a lot of work – planning, modelling, animating, rendering, careful video encoding, and authoring – we got the master ready for the staff at BSA to approve.  Having had this ok’ed we then got on to the next task of replicating DVD discs, at retail quality, with printed inlays, booklets, and cellophane-wrapped, all done and delivered in time for a show they attend in London.

This year’s project went very smoothly and we are happy to hear that both staff and students were excited about the finished discs!