Stratstone, the chain of car dealers, had an idea that they wanted to get a new TV commercial out there on the Goggle Box.  They went along to the advertising agency, Golley Slater to realise this dream.

Golley Slater teamed up with their trusted production house, the lovely chaps at Sound and Picture House, who were excited to be working on this project.  After some refining, the guys at SPH gave us a call to give them a bit of assistance with the 3D text to be featured.

This was not a simple task to create, as the commercial was shot in a white studio, with very little in the way of markers (or marks) to for us to track.  Nevertheless, we managed to pull tracking info from the scenes so we could synchronise our virtual cameras with the motions of the real camera from the shoot – this meaning the positions and angles of the text matched the real thing!

Once done, we handed our shiny renders of 3D text back to SPH to piece it together with the footage.

Although done in the first half of 2010, the advert came on air nationally on ITV1 on Boxing Day – much to our joy…!