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Scolmore Inceptor Evo – 3D animation

Scolmore International, a global company specialising in electrical and lighting solutions, wanted to create a more visually engaging promotional video with 3D animation for their new Inceptor Evo. While they previously used 3D animation before, this time they wanted to improve both the action and the render quality of new [...]

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Delcam – 3D Animation

Delcam is a huge global CADCAM software company. Their tools are used by single people through to large companies around the world who need to design products and then machine them. Our close friends at Verdant Vision were working with them them anyway, and when they wanted to have an [...]

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A Garage Education

No, not the sort where you’re taught about long-division or trigonometry in a petrol station – the sort where sound information about car dealerships is proffered. An advertising agency in the West Midlands came to us, as a one-stop-shop (sorry, we don’t sell crisps or chewing gum) for their client’s [...]

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