Legrand Salamandre – 3D Animation

//Legrand Salamandre – 3D Animation
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Project Description

This 3D animation project done here in Birmingham was a pretty cool little project indeed.

Legrand were in need of an exciting 3D animation sequence to show off the main features of their latest trunking product, Salamandre.

Various parties were involved in the creation of the marketing of this trunking, including LHM Media who were creating the graphics and backbone of the special website which was dedicated to the Salamandre product.

Our part was to take their idea of what they wanted to happen, storyboard the whole thing, plan out all assets and requirements for the 3D, work on the 3D modelling, animation (featuring their trunking and a Formula 1 car) and camera work, materials, lighting, rendering, and delivery to a web format suitable for streaming.

It was a tight timeline and a lot of work but we all are very happy with what we were able to produce.

The project went on to win Silver, at the Midlands’ Cream Awards 2010!


Project Details